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General IT Solution Architecture Development and Consultation
If you are looking to deploy new infrastructure or systems or looking for new system implementation by way of migration, we can help map that out and manage the process.

Integration Development
If you need different or disparate systems to talk to each other, work together or otherwise integrate, we offer experience and a proven track record of integrating systems, services and machines across just about any platform using a variety of techniques or languages.

Software Development
At the core of what we do, we love developing new solutions and providing efficiency via new productivity tools and utilities. Whether it is a new add-on for an existing application or new development of a web portal or platform, we can handle it.

Cyber Security Services
We offer network security hardening, vulnerability testing, app (web/mobile) QA from a security perspective, as well as port-mortem forensic services in the event a security event occurs. Credentials, certifications and event experience provided upon request.

Mobile App Development (iOS and Android)
Most of our customers either have a mobile component to their platform or environment that needs to be maintained or they need apps developed. We believe in single, simple and purpose driven apps that help propel your workforce.

VoIP Architecture Development and Consultation
Somewhat unique to our skills portfolio is VoIP development and infrastructure support. Whether building infrastructure from scratch or needing support for soft clients, we can help manage, maintain, and grow your VoIP infrastructure.

Legacy Application Support and Migration
After 40-50 years of application development in a variety of environment, everyone has legacy applications and data that needs to be consolidated, stored, or catalogued. Having participated in building many of those applications over the years, our team is uniquely suited to modernize or support those applications and computing environments.

Backup and Disaster Recovery Modeling and Consulting
One of the most important aspects of any IT environment is disaster recovery. We can build a DR plan to include hybrid cloud solutions to ensure your organizations stays connected and protected in case a disaster strikes.



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Solvelop started out as a necessity to complete a project and has grown into a full blown software development company. We have always had a passion to help people using technology and this structure allows us the opportunity to reach a broad audience across many different industries.

What helps make Solvelop unique is out pricing structure for customers, particularly our ability to barter for goods and services. Whatever technical problem needs to be solved, we will work with an organization or person to help them - without cost being a barrier for solution or completion.

Andrew Prisk
Managing Director

Ross Conroy
Director of Operations

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